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FORD Mondeo - Slipping Clutch

I've bought a W-registered Ford Mondeo 1.8, which seems to suffer a slipping clutch. However, when the car is in gear, the clutch pedal can be fully lifted up without any sign of stalling. Could this be caused by a faulty hydraulic cylinder rather than a worn clutch?

It's unlikely that a faulty hydraulic cylinder would cause the clutch to slip, and lifting the clutch pedal shouldn't make any difference.
Try engaging third of fourth gear with the handbrake hard on and slowly letting the clutch up while keeping the engine revving at around a high idle speed. If the engine doesn't stall, the clutch is slipping and will probably need replacing.
Obviously take care as the car may shoot forward, especially if the handbrake is at all suspect. And don't do this too often or you may create the problem you are checking for.