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RENAULT Megane - Renault Door Locking Problems

Central-locking and keyless entry is expected as standard on most modern vehicles. The convenience of just pressing a button to open the door saves that entire fiddly key-in-the-lock stuff. The trouble is that when it goes wrong, the vehicle is not always adapted for such problems.
The owner of this 2003 Renault Megane, whose central locking had failed, was finding it most inconvenient as the vehicle does not have a lock on the driver's side. This meant that to enter the vehicle, she had to unlock the passenger side with the key and clamber across to release the driver's door. Not willing to put up with this for too long, she booked the vehicle in for us to repair.
The fault turned out to be the driver's door solenoid, which comes complete with the door catch assembly. After removing the door panel, we replaced the solenoid and gave the system a quick check-over before refitting up the door panel. Another satisfied customer!