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MINI Cooper S R56 - R56 Cold Start

I am experiencing cold start noise with my R56 Mini Cooper S. This problem is hotly discussed in some of the MINI forums. Many reasons were highlighted that could be the cause of the problem and I read in the latest forum that a solution is on the way and it is a programming problem. My dealer here in Malaysia said that it is the characteristic of this engine but I know not all R56 have this noise. Have you got any idea whether there is solution and if MINI will be announcing it soon?

The R56 Cooper S has been blighted with a cold start rattle since it was released. The problem has had specialists, dealers and BMW scratching their heads and it’s not restricted to the MINI Cooper S. The same engine is used by Peugeot, which has found similar problems. Diagnosis of the problem has included poor oil circulation to the top of the engine on start-up, which results in a noise similar to tappet rattle. Fearing an air lock in the oil feed system for the engine, this has been bled to help cure the problem. Some specialists have suggested the noise is generated by the cam followers. Other ideas concern the timing chain, suspecting it rattles when starting the engine. By taking out the slack in the chain, the rattle is believed to disappear.
The solutions we've mentioned are not official recall issues adopted by MINI. From the Cooper S owners we've heard from it appears they need to raise the problem with their MINI dealer. In most cases, the repair work is covered by the car's warranty. We've also heard of some cars undergoing engine changes under warranty in an attempt to fix the start-up rattle!
Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this problem and to date, no official solution. We advise contacting your MINI dealer so that the problem is on record should it become worse.