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JAGUAR E-Type S1 - E-Type Clutch

There's a problem with the clutch on my Series 1 E-type. I push it in and when I take my foot off the pedal it slowly rises. I am hoping that there is air in the line. I also just bought a new return spring for the slave cylinder and am hoping that if I bleed it again it should work. Unless you have any other ideas?

We're guessing that the slow clutch return is a collapsing hydraulic hose. The internal walls degrade and narrow, effectively acting like a one-way valve. Full pressure is enough to get the fluid through the hose but as the return pressure is less it takes fractionally longer.
Should the hose not prove to be the problem, it could be that a swollen rubber seal in the master cylinder is not uncovering the fluid port completely when the pedal is released.