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4x4 RENAULT Koleos Privilege DCi - Customising Koleos

We have recently purchased a Renualt Koleos Privilege DCi 150 4WD (sorry, that it's not in your normal class of 4x4s!) and would like to fit a pair of side bars/steps similar to those fitted to our previous vehicle - a Nissan X-trail.
So far we have only been able to find some stainless steel ones and, even ignoring the high cost, they aren't really what we're looking for.
Could you offer any suggestions as to who makes such a product for the Koleos and/or where I ought to look?

It's not easy to find what you're looking for that is suitable for your vehicle. The only side bars I have been able to track down to fit the Koleos are available from Up-Country Auto Products; you can find the company at www.upcountryautoproducts.co.uk.
These guys offer a choice of two versions which are both made from stainless steel. One version is available as a straightforward 60mm bar while the other is a 'prettier' profiled 76mm bar with rubber dot detail. I have no idea what your ballpark figure is but prices are quoted at £446 and £449, respectively plus VAT.