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VAUXHALL Astra - Warning Light

When driving my 1999 Vauxhall Astra, the engine management light comes on every couple of minutes. If I apply the footbrake, it will go out but after a minute or two, it will come back on again. When the light is on, there is no loss of power to the engine: the car runs and drives great.
I have noticed that when stationary, with the car running, it comes on every minute and is extinguished by pressing the brake pedal. If I hold down the brake pedal for any length of time, the light does not come on at all. However, after releasing the brake it will come back on a minute later. The situation is the same if the car is not running but with the ignition on only. Have you any idea what the problem may be?

I believe on your car the brake light switch is a double contact unit which not only applies the brake lights but also informs the engine ECU that the brakes are being applied so that adjustments can be made to the fuelling.
It may be the switch itself at fault, but before changing it, I would advise you check the brake lights are working normally.