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VAUXHALL Vectra - No Heater

I recently acquired a 1996 Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 GLS and there is no warm air coming from the heater. The previous owner tells me it just stopped working.
The Haynes manual says that the cooling system is self-bleeding. I have tried to bleed it manually, but do not know how to undo the quick-fit fittings on the heater pipes. The blower fan works okay. I believe the temperature control in the dashboard regulates the temperature electronically; how does this work? There does not seem to be any reference to it in the Haynes manual.

Lack of heat through the heater could be due to, among other things, poor coolant circulation through the matrix, and this could be due to an air lock in the system, despite Vauxhall claims that the system is self-bleeding.
What I advise you do for starters is to check the coolant level then warm up the engine. Wearing a pair of thick gloves, carefully squeeze the bottom radiator hose a few times, then do the same to the top hose. After this check the level once more. If there is an air lock, this action may well displace it.
Unfortunately, you didn't say if your car has a standard heater system, a climate-control system or air-conditioning, but only the latter two have electronic controls. The standard system has ordinary cable controls.
In all cases, the control knobs on the dash regulate the direction of the heated air and the temperature by moving flaps in the heater assembly. Electronically, this is done by an ECU operating electric motors at the flaps. If you are not getting warm air, it could be that these flaps are not moving as they should either because of a electrical failure or a sticking flap. Of course, if you have the standard system, it could be that one of the cables has become detached from the flap or some other mechanical fault.